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The kitchen plans were designed over 4 meetings with our renovators, kitchen plan, cabinets, tiling and benching was decided upon. These pictures are fairly basic we did find some good plans in the Kitchens That Work book which helped us lot in making our final decisions.

These free pictures are of the plans for our kitchen renovation, I don't really know if there of use to anyone else but there here for the taking. If you want to see more detailed designs look thru our linked websites off the Kitchen Photo main page or browse some of Amazons specialist books.

Joan Kohn's It's Your Kitchen: Over 100 Inspirational Kitchens Plans And Ideas

Hardwood floors or linoleum? Marble countertops or formica? When designing or renovating a kitchen, there are a million choices, and each one must reflect personal taste, lifestyle, and budget. Now, Joan Kohn offers advice to help readers get the kitchen they've always dreamed of. Richly illustrated with 230 full-color photographs of beautiful kitchens by top designers and architects, JOAN KOHN'S IT'S YOUR KITCHEN will inspire readers to make the best possible decisions with the myriad of design choices that are available today. Organized by concept, this book teaches readers to think like a designer. Broken into two parts, "Design Essentials," addresses such considerations as budget, style, assessing the existing kitchen, working with a design team and sustaining one's personal vision. "The Five Building Blocks of Kitchen Design," covers function, space, floor plans, and personal touch. Readers will learn how to confront the critical design choices that will turn their kitchen dream into a reality.


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